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Did you know that 76% of our economy is small business?

That’s what they say. It’s easy to imagine what that looks like: maybe a mom tending her Etsy shop with toddlers happily running in the background. A frazzled shop manager putting in her 65th hour this week. A small car dealership wondering if winter’s revenue will hold out. A new startup looking around, wondering what’s going to stick, what might work, what’s going to make the month-to-month.

But here’s the salient point: we’re all small business. Each and every one of us. If you work, if you shop, if you watch or listen—if you contribute at all to the economy we live in—you’re a small business. You’re a person deep in the middle chunk of a larger blue-chip organization? You’re probably in charge of a team. You’re a small business.

And that’s—more or less—what I focus on. I help tell stories better. B2C, D2C, and of course B2B… I try to spread the word: all communication is H2H. Always. I help find relevance, resonance, and the human in the complex. I develop ways to get it out there and keep it simple.

As you well know, every project is its own winding path involving lots of stakeholders. I’m happy to share the fruits of these journeys and I’m lucky to have such great clients. Feel free to take a moment to wander through some of these completed projects. Virtually everything you see here was part of a multichannel campaign of some sort.

top shelf design

considered strategy

thoughtful execution

always 360º

“If I had asked people what they wanted, they would have said faster horses.”

—Henry Ford
Pixels Pushed
Projects Completed
Layers Compiled
Gigs created or destroyed

Well, you've been involved for more than ten years. You've contributed, well, you know, the whole brand. Nothing big, just THE BRAND...

John FlemingYSKP Founder and Creative Director

Tod truly has great ideas and the expertise to follow through. He asks many questions to make sure you are satisfied. Very personable and creative.

Sonia Aina-Steinbauer, CSM, MISSedgwick, IT Application Supervisor

Tod has provided us and our community with great branding and graphic design work over the years. I highly recommend his work.

Thomas BrewsterEnterprise Information Security Lead at Frontier Technology
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tod tyslan
102 Perkins Street, N. 2
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T: +1 937.767.7957