Higher Education demands constant reinvention

Just like a 150-year-old start-up?

Stanley Fish once said, “The University. Love it or leave it.”

Going to college is very often a transformative experience for many. College experiences can tangibly change lives for the better. For all of the excellent critical thinking skills, for all of the pomp and circumstance, the energy and the prestige, the American University is a mighty and complicated market.

Our higher education environment has so many disparate—and equally important—facets, needs, and imperatives.The challenges of the academic interests are different than the challenges of the development office. The needs of the faculty differ from the needs of admissions. Add another sundry handful of fiscal issues and this makes the parfait of higher education.

Being aware of these dynamics and the twin, ever-changing landscapes of prospective students and potential donors is key to successfully creating in this fascinating and energizing world.