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01. Research

You know you’re a small, non-profit children’s theater. You know you’ve been around longer than many other companies. And you know you’re the rarest of birds: making original theater for youth. No sad rehash of all the usual fare. So you need kids to participate as well as people to come see the work. What do you do?

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02. Design

It’s imperative to come up with a unique style to match well and live with each show, but it’s also important to keep larger branding elements in place to make sure each piece has its place. Parents need certain information, kids need certain information, and the audience needs materials as well. Good design is often good planning.

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03. Develop

Making sure all the designed pieces can print, be deployed, be broadcasted, be handed out… These things come with experience. Decades of design and production working with decades of theater and production work well for decades-long relationships. The company director working closely with our creative director is key for unlocking new insights. More brains are always better than one. And why not try to share what we’ve learned by writing, editing, and publishing a handbook?

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