Content with iOS… well, with everything in mind!

Brand content needs to be relevant. Period. And it needs to be conceived from the ground up with responsive design in mind rather than an afterthought. It’s about curation and maintenance. It’s about making sure your point is a good one. It’s about concepting, generating, managing, and overseeing brand content. It’s about finding and creating growth and bar-raising possibilities. For me, it’s how I think. I think in campaigns. I think about maximizing potential.

Your entire digital ecosystem rests on this.

Finding emotional and narrative connections is essential. Elevating brands and systems in messaging isn’t all that difficult if you have a good idea and plan for it. It’s about connecting the various intrinsic themes in a project telling the story that connects them. It’s easy to find opportunities when you already have a great story to tell. It’s about resonance. Resonance and relevance. With thoughtful ideas and deliberate execution, making great brands come to life is quite possible.

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01. The Challenge

Write, maintain, update, and promote the entire digital ecosystem of numerous independent dental practices. Keep all copy and content relevant, fresh, and as SEO-aware as possible.

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02. The Process

Consider each practice’s personality and tone when crafting messaging. Consider creating interactivity between current patients and prospectives. Consider numerous promotional activities.

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03. The Solution

Keep content fresh and relevant for each practice independent of the others. Write blog entries primarily for SEO purposes. Concept and write monthly promotions for all major and relevant social networks. Write, create, and edit short promotional videos, other social media campaigns, and one-off digital assets as needed. Curate and maintain testimonials.